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SatPro Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT) products and devices for:


commercial shipping



European commision: Inmarsat−C LRIT devices have a reliability of only 50−70 % and are very questionable in combination with GMDSS, LRIT and SSAS or in harbour area hard to track, whereas Inmarsat−D+ SatPro LRIT standalone devices belong to the far out economical and with more than 92 % most reliable systems.

Swiss maritime office: Due to the high rate of unrealibility of Inmarsat-C systems the swiss has decided, for alle swiss flagged ships, to exclusively use the SatPro Inmarsat-D+ communicationnetwork and corredponding devices. The swiss fleet has a reliabitlity of 99 %.
Greece maritime office: Strongly recommends the installation of SatPro Inmarsat-D+ standalone devices and the abnegation of combined devices with GMDSS and other services.
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